Health, wellbeing and fitness. To achieve all this is not an easy task. Most of us are born with all of this. But as we journey through life, some of us bring them all and most of us fades away, and not just that. But we get all sorts of health problems. Is this because of what nature intended us to be? or is it the way we live and our life style in general that directly and indirectly bring us health problems?

Is your life style very fast? that means you are always in a hurry, no time for your kids. No time to watch your favourite shows on TV? No time to cook yourself and your family a healthy fresh organic meal? If your answer is yes, then you are living a fast life style.

healthy lifestyle fun run

healthy lifestyle fun run

You have to have time to exercise everyday! You need to have time to cook your own food! You just have to sit down and analyse your schedule and plan everything for at least a week. If you are working fulltime you have to work around that first.

Choosing a gym or a fitness center:
– Choose a gym that is near where you live or where you work.

Choosing where to shop for food:
– Choose a supermarket that is nearby.
– Find foods that you will like and stick to them as your basic foundation.
– Once you feel good with the basic foods that you are now routinely accustomed to. Try to experiment on new foods one at a time.

Choosing a a healthy past time:
– Sign yourself on a fun run or half marathon
– Join a bushwalking group in your area or if you don’t mind going far. The main thing is that you enjoy the people around you.