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Everything you need to know about hyperbaric chambers

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is also known as HBOT can be considered as a treatment that people can follow in order to speed up the healing associated with stubborn wounds, gangrene, carbon monoxide poisoning and infections in the tissues that had lack of oxygen.

All people who want to go through the HBOT will have to enter a specialized chamber. These chambers are known as hyperbaric chambers. Inside the chambers, you will be provided with the opportunity to breathe pure oxygen. In addition, the air pressure levels inside the hyperbaric chamber would be about 1.5 to 3 times higher than average values.

The primary objective of a hyperbaric chamber treatment is to fill up the blood with enough oxygen. Then blood will be in a position to repair the tissues in the body and restore the body function.

Sports Uses of Hyperbaric Chamber

Sports Uses of Hyperbaric Chamber

How do hyperbaric chambers help sports people?
People who are engaged with sports are being subjected to severe accidents along with time. This leads them towards a lot of hassle and frustration as well. When they encounter wounds, they want to recover them within the shortest possible time, without encountering any side effects. That’s where hyperbaric chambers can assist them with.

Lot’s of people have found the advantages of portable hyperbaric chambers and now got them installed at their own homes. Specially pro athletes in australia. Professional Players such as Football Players, frequently use HBOT to simply help develop the effectiveness of their muscle tissues or to rehab from a personal injury. A HBOT can go hand in hand with other manual techniques for a faster muscle recovery.

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Hyperbaric chambers promote natural healing through the supply of oxygen to the tissues that have been starving for it. The injuries that sports people go through would damage the blood vessels of the body. As a result, a fluid is being released to the tissues, which would result in swelling. Due to this swelling, the damaged cells will not be able to receive oxygen. Hence, the tissues will die.

With HBOT, the swelling can be reduced. That’s because the tissues of the body will be provided with enough oxygen. The increased pressure that can be found in the hyperbaric chamber can effectively increase oxygen concentration within blood. As a result, the swelling cycle will be broken. Hence, you can effectively avoid tissue death as well.

What are the other uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
HBOT would not just benefit sports people. It can provide a variety of benefits to the individuals in many other instances as well. For example, it can benefit the individuals who recover with poisoning. Whether you are affected with cyanide poisoning or carbon monoxide poisoning, you will be provided with amazing results at the end of the day.

Individuals who are affected with decompression sickness are also being subjected to HBOT. They will be able to walk away with positive results. On the other hand, individuals who have traumatic or acute blood flow in the arteries will be able to experience a quick recovery process.

Whether there is a delayed radiation injury or an infection in a bone, you just need to go through hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy. The injury can be treated in an efficient manner. Likewise, healthcare professionals tend to use the hyperbaric chambers to help people with delayed radiation injury as well.

Flesh eating disease, which is also known as necrotizing soft tissue infection, has become a major health condition in the recent past. It can also be treated along with the assistance of hyperbaric chambers. If there is a gas or air bubble trapped in the blood vessels, there is no better option than HBOT.

Another prominent application behind hyperbaric is that individuals who are affected with diabetes tend to go ahead and follow this therapy to accelerate the healing process.

Hyperbaric chambers and medicine for therapeutic recuperation:



Hyperbaric chambers promote faster recovery
As mentioned earlier, hyperbaric chambers are capable of providing enough supply of oxygen to the blood vessels. As a result, the tissues will be prevented from dying. This is the main reason why HBOT can provide an excellent assistance to the individuals who are dealing with a variety of health conditions as mentioned above.

After encountering an illness, people prefer to get themselves recovered as soon as possible. HBOT is capable of delivering such a faster recovery experience to the people in need. The recovery process is delivered in a natural way. Hence, people don’t need to keep any doubts in mind about the side effects associated with the process as well.

Precautions that need to be taken with hyperbaric chambers
Last but not least, you need to keep in mind that HBOT is not recommended for everyone. In fact, this treatment is not recommended for the individuals who went through ear surgeries in the recent past. On the other hand, healthcare professionals also say that hyperbaric is not good for the individuals who had an ear trauma, fever or cold. If you have lung diseases, you should seek medical assistance before you subject yourself to a HBOT. That’s because individuals with certain lung diseases can get harmful results through the time that they spend inside hyperbaric chambers.

HBOT can create the most common complication within the middle ear. The other common complications that will be triggered by this health condition include sinus problems and eye damage. In the severe cases, people will have to experience oxygen poisoning as well. Hence, it is important for you to discuss along with your healthcare service provider and take appropriate steps in order to minimize the negative consequences that you go through.

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