Val and Ken Changed Their Life For Good – See How

Val and Ken were like any young married couple they had dreams of a family someday and of owning a home. They went through the motions of life and did everything that they were supposed to do to get that home.

The problems started when it was time to start a family. Val and Ken were both overweight although Val was a bit heavier. Their inspirational weight loss stories will get you motivated. See the best weight loss success stories of men and women at mayche website for inspiration!


inspirational weight loss stories of 2 men

inspirational weight loss stories of 2 men

Val’s Story: He says

“ I always loved Ken. I had been heavy my entire life and he seemed to accept me as I was. I had some physical handicaps that were due to birth defects that kept me from being able to run and play with the other kids so the weight just packed on and had no where to go. When I was 28 it was time for us to start out family. I weighed in at 237 pounds. I was having a hard time getting pregnant. The doctor had one suggestion “lose weight”. Ken sat me down one day and said “you have to lose weight for use to start a family AND you have to be able to keep it off for one year”. That was his deal. I was devastated. How could he not love me after 7 years of marriage because I was fat? It did not take long for me to realize that he LOVED me and because he loved me he wanted me to be healthy to raise our family together. Ken was the driving force behind my weight loss. He took every step with me. He helped me to make better food choice for both of us. He supported without badgering. Suffice to say we have a beautiful baby boy that is 2 years old and another one on the way. I love that Ken loved me enough to be honest with me. I lost 80 pounds in two years.”

Ken’s Story: He says

“ I was fat and Karen was fat. Our favorite past time was to sit in front of the TV and eat. I felt like Karen used her disability as an excuse. I also felt that if we did not get control of our weight now in our twenties that we would never get control of it. I was 190 but I am 5 foot 10 inches tall so it was not like I was too overweight but Karen and I needed to do this together and to make changes that would become part of our life’s forever. I lost 20 pounds which was great for me but I gained a healthy wife and a beautiful child out of the deal!’


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