3 Exercises to Build Big Chest Muscles

Chest muscles are made of the pectoralis minor and major. The pectoralis major is a fan –shaped, thick muscle which is at the chest of a human body. It makes up the major part of the chest muscles and is below the breast in female. This muscle’s purpose is adduction and flexion together with shoulder rotation. Pectoralis minor is a thin, triangular muscle and is beneath the pectoralis major. The pectorals are generally used to control arms movement. They also play a role in deep inhalation and room creation for the lungs to expand. Importance of exercising this muscle includes: they help lift sagging breasts in women, give men a nice physique and supports playing in sports especially tennis and free style swimming.


Male Chest Muscles

Male Chest Muscles

The best exercises that do not use weights but build big chest muscles are:

1. Pushups

Target: chest, triceps and shoulders muscles

Apart from Pushups strengthening the above mentioned targets, they almost strengthen every muscle in the body.

How to:

· Place a mat or towel on the ground and place your body stomach down

· Put your palms down, hands, shoulder length apart. Extend the feet straight behind

· Lift your body off the mat with your hands straight(head should be straight as well)

· Lower your body till elbows are at ninety degrees

· Do 15 reps

2. Chest Squeeze with a Ball

Target: upper, lower, outer, and inner pectoral muscles.

The chest squeeze is an exercise move that works the shoulder and chest muscles. Though it’s not an intense exercise, it’s a greatly warms up the chest prior to other exercises. Or, it can be moved to the end of the exercise to bring more fatigue in the muscles

How to:

· Sit back straight on the chair with abs in

· At chest level, hold a medicine ball. Press the ball against your chest

· Continue with the squeeze as you slowly straighten your arms, take the ball out of your chest slowly till your hands are completely straight(maintain pressure on the ball as you make this movement

· Bring back the ball slowly to the chest

· Repeat for 1-3 sets

· Do 10-15 reps.

3. Resistance Bands

Target: chest

This exercise targets the chest differently and can be used when the other chest exercises gets boring. The band makes this exercise tougher. However you will have control of the exercise by controlling the level of extension by moving further or closer from the band’s center.

How to:

· Tie the band on something solid behind you and holding the handles on both hands in a way that the band run from inside of your arms

· Put tension on the bands by standing placing yourself at a distance either standing or sitting

· Start the motion with palms towards down and arms bent

· Pull arms in front while keeping the band stable and the same time not locking your elbows

· Repeat 1 to 3 sets

· Do 8 to 14 reps.

Note that elbows should not far back as you bring your arms in since it could strain shoulders while the primary cause of this exercise is to work the chest. Also remember to control the motion at a slower phase

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